Modeling Job Opportunities

We Hire Models Throughout The United States! 
As mentioned on the Home Page, we have two main modeling divisions.  The Promotional Division provides services throughout West Central Florida, whereas the Live International Network Division provides modeling services on a national and international level.  Both Divisions provide convenient employment opportunities for established and aspiring models.  Not only do we work hard to provide an excellent service for our customers, we also feel it is important to provide an enjoyable, safe, confidential and profitable work environment for our models.  If you want to make good money, have fun at work and have the respect of your collegues and the company you work with, this may be the perfect opportunity for you! 



Average Full Time Income: $3,500+ per month
Models can be earning income from up to 5 different networks and two at the same time!  All models are required to work a minimum of 15 hours/week.  Models who are unable to fulfill the weekly requirement are deactivated.  All models get to make all decisions relating to their clothing, work schedule, location and modeling style! 
If you are a model looking for national exposure, this Division is excellent because our Live Network extends throughout United States, Canada, Australia, Europe and beyond.  Although many models want international exposure, others do not.  For those that prefer to have restricted coverage, the models have the ability to block access to any state they choose so that nobody in that state is able to access their modeling profile. 
Although it is not traditional runway or print modeling, it provides thousands of models with steady, full time incomes.  Models can expect to be doing modeling in the same style as those companies listed on the left hand margin of this page.  Therefore, if you enjoy a beautiful, sexy, classy yet burlesque style of modeling, you will love working in this Division.  Since millions of our customers
enjoy the convenience of being able to chat online with attractive, friendly models, Live Network (webcam) Modeling is the fastest growing form of modeling in the world.
Our Live Division has affiliations with numerous, highly respectable modeling companies that specialize primarily in female modeling with an extremely sexy, yet professional, classy and tasteful image.  These modeling companies include those listed to the left of this page. 
Many models ask.....what will I be doing?  Simply put, the model will be talking with their fans (customers) by chatting online just as they do in their free time on any typical social networking site.  Communicating with their fans is something that many models only wish they could do, but are not able to because their employer doesn't have the necessary technology.  Most models go their entire careers without having a chance of interacting with the actual customers that enjoy their work.  In the the Live Network Division, models get that chance and get to have fun in many ways.  Models get to create their own performer name and their true identity and location is never revealed.  
We hire models all over North America!  For those that have the combination of looks and personality to be successful, a typical compensation for a beginning model working 25-30 hours is $1,500/week and goes up from there.  However, many models make much more than that.  It simply depends on your personality, your looks and your ability to get the attention of your customers. 
If you have an attractive, sexy body and a flirtatious, friendly and outgoing personality, you can enjoy all of the benefits of Live Modeling as listed below.
  • Work from your home or from a studio location (if available)
  • Set your own schedule
  • Choose your own clothing and apparel
  • Must work minimum of 15 hrs./week
  • You can request that we block access to any State that you want
  • Extremely convenient, private, anonymous, safe and secure
  • Pay is issued bi-weekly via direct deposits to the bank account of your choice
  • Extremely flexible, you can work wherever you can access the network
  • Develop valuable modeling experience
  • Has been proven to improve a person's communication skills


If you think you would enjoy working in the modeling field and you have
what it takes, please contact us.  Simply click here or go to the Contact Us
 page and read the short list of information we need from you.  
Promotional Model    Holding Auditions - Per Case Basis
Income: Varies By Event
Our Promotional Division specializes in both corporate and private events.  Depending on our customer's needs, we may be asked to provide a model or models for various types of events.  In the Freelance Division, the amount of work you have the potential to receive depends greatly on what the client is looking for.  They may request a certain type of look or body type.  Based on that information, we select those models that fit the client's requested description and of those that match the description, we select the models on a rotation basis and therefore, those who have recently worked the least amount of time.  
Model compensation varies greatly.  The model(s) receive 40% of the client's total expense for the event which can typically range from $250 to $10,000 for an event.  Corporate Events typically have higher budgets than Private Events, however, Corporate Events often times require more models to work the event than do Private Events.  Therefore, we split the 40% among those that worked the event.  In addition, the Freelance Division averages 4-5 events per month and each model does not work each event.  Thus, the hours of work available tend to be much more part time than that of the Broadcast Division.  Some examples of the events we provide modeling services for are listed below: 
  • Corporate Events
  • Conventions/Trade Shows/Exhibits
  • Promotional Marketing Events
  • Spokesmodeling
  • Product Sampling
  • Grand Openings
  • Sporting Events
  • Corporate Parties
  • Social Functions
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Fashion Shows
  • Print Work
Booking Agent/Talent Recruiter/Model     Hiring Now!
Income: High Commission
This position is an exciting multi-faceted position that requires a special person. 
It's first function is that of a sales position for a business minded, outgoing, ambitious individual who enjoys making new contacts communicating with new people everyday via phone, e-mail or face to face conversation.  The individual hired for this position will be responsible for establishing new promotional modeling event clients, booking the events for our upcoming schedule and ensuring that the client receives the information they need to choose using our services and become a liason between VIP Entertainment and the client. 
The second function of this position is to be a Talent Recruiter.  Simply put, this person should be the the mindset 100% of the time of looking for modeling talent wherever they go and whatever they are doing should they come in contact with a talent prospect who has the right look and personality, they should approach the prospect in a polite manner and provide them with detailed information about our modeling opportunities.  This function of the position requires the person to be very observant, selective and outspoken.
Lastly, this position requires the individual to qualify as a model and be ready to model at a promotional event at any time with 48 hours advanced notice.  When performing this task, this individual will earn income based on the promotional modeling rate relative to that specific promotional event.


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